New Roof Instalation

RK Roofing provides quality new construction roofing. We provide building owners, property managers and architects with residential roofing expertise and superior customer service. RK Roofing prepares customized solutions that work closely with respective architects to determine the structure’s long-term roofing needs.

Roof Replacment

id you know? The average house size in America is roughly 2,000 square feet, with older homes being a bit smaller than that and newer homes being larger. However, the size of the roof can vary depending on how many levels or stories a home has, the slope and type of the roof and complexity of its architectural design.
The average lifespan of a shingle roof is based on

Roof Repair

Most roofing product manufacturers recommend twice-yearly roof inspections. Also, regular roofing maintenance and inspections have been proven to increase roof longevity significantly. Not inspecting can in some cases even void your roof warranty. We recommend consider having it done every two years and developed a maintenance check list consisting of


Water may accumulate on the roof of your house due to rain, snow or ice, causing considerable damage to the roof, walls, sidings, and foundation of your house. In order to maintain the hygiene of your house and to protect it against possible water damages, it is extremely important to install gutters and downspouts system on your house roof.


In order to expend our service offer to our customers we have partnered with trusted and A+ rated company to provide window services. M Solutions specializes in all types of vinyl window installation and window replacement as well as wooden windows. They have been providing quality service on all major and minor window projects in Chicago Area for

Gutters Leaf Protection

When gutters become clogged by leaves, pine needles and debris, your gutter will overflow causing damage to your landscaping, basement or foundation. Gutter guard systems we provide are specially designed to protect your gutters from clogging. Clogs can cause major structural damage to foundations, basements, crawl spaces, decks and damage to costly


With a small investment, you can dramatically transform any room in your home with additional daylight and fresh air. In the long run, installing skylights can help you save on your utility bills. Moreover, research supports daylighting’s positive effect on health and some products qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit on purchase and installation.

Roof Ventilation

Construction practices and products have changed dramatically in recent decades. Windows and doors are more airtight, insulation levels have increased and the use of house wraps and vapor retarders is commonplace. Today’s houses are more airtight and that helps save energy. But these changes have created new issues with indoor air quality and attic ventilation.

Energy Green Roofs

There are lots of choices you must make as a homeowner, from the smallest decisions about how to decorate your home to the larger ones, like what type of energy efficient roofing to have installed on your home. Whether you’re choosing an energy efficient roof for a newly constructed home or looking to replace your current roof with energy efficient roofing materials,


In order to expend our service offer to our customers we have partnered with trusted and A+ rated company to provide door services. M Solutions provides various lines of fiberglass entry doors that combine the look of a wood grain door with the low maintenance of a composite material. Fiberglass entry doors offer you, the homeowner energy efficiency and a product

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