05 Aug 2019

“This is a followup to our review from a couple years back for a complete roof tear-off and replacement Jerry’s crew from R K Roofing did for us. They also repaired some fascia and gutters at that time that needed it before the roof could be completed. They did a great job and followed up afterward. Since that time Jerry has twice responded in a timely manner to our concerns of suspected storm damage to shingles and what seemed to be a leaky skylight in the dead of winter. The former issue they happily repaired today, the latter, after temperatures returned to above 0 from 35 below, proved to be merely condensation dripping from the glass. There never was a leak! In both cases R K responded quickly and answered our questions and addressed our issues. We wholeheartedly recommend them and trust they will stand behind their service and products for a lifetime. We have a full ten year warranty and we consider it well worth it. Thanks, R K”